Outings Information

All members of the Bluegrass Chapter of Trout Unlimited are invited to host wade and float trips for fishing in the streams, rivers, lakes and tailwaters in Kentucky and the surrounding states and other occasional trips in the US and CA. Members hosting outings should have them posted on the chapter's website and Facebook page by contacting the chapter's outings coordinator Jeremy Roberts and the chapter's Newsletter coordinator Alan Creech.


Hosts are required to provide the coordinators with outing details including

  1. a short description of the outing
  2. date and meetup time and place for the trip
  3. specific directions to the access site


The host or co-host must be at the site to welcome all participants and provide them with information on the fishing. Outings are open to all Bluegrass Chapter TU members. These outings are doorways to forming and renewing friendships with fellow TU anglers, discovering new waters to fish and learning that where the elusive trout is concerned one fly or lure is not always better than another.


Safety on these outings is of utmost importance. We don't want anyone swimming when they should be fishing; nevertheless, participants will be responsible for their own safety on these outings. Participants should evaluate from the detailed trip description if the trip is appropriate for their level of skill and comfort. Wading in Kentucky's and the surrounding state's cold water streams requires as a minimum waist high breathable waders, and wading boots suitable for traversing the slippery rocks common in Kentucky's creek bottoms. Float trips require Coast Guard approved life preservers. If you are not a strong swimmer wearing the life-vest at all times is a must in the rivers and tailwaters. Contact either the Outing's Host  or Facebook Coordinator if you have any questions about the trip. The Outing's Host can usually help those needing transportation.


The low gradients and heavy silt that are common to Kentucky streams means that following moderate to heavy rains there may be several days before the streams clear and return to their normal levels suitable for wading and fishing. Voluminous water releases into tailwaters will make fishing either impossible or very difficult. Be aware that either of these conditions can result in a postponement or cancellation of an outing. When you fill in the signup form with both/or your email address and phone number the trip leader can contact you should these conditions prevail.  All e-mail and phone numbers will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties. The first names of those going on the trip will be periodically posted on the trip description site, unless the signee request otherwise. If for some reason you are unable to make the trip you should inform the trip host.