Daily Drift - 10/09/2012

One Fish, Two Fish, Dead Fish, New Fish

No matter how many shots I see of these bright red, kype-jawed monsters, the sheer majesty of the species still strikes me. The New York Times shares some great photos of sockeye salmon in the Bristol Bay area.

via The New York Times

Slinging Streamers on the South Platte

With the mercury starting to drop and the evenings coming quicker and quicker, it's time to start thinking about the big boys (and girls) of fall. For some of us this means two-handers and swinging flies and for others it means stripping streamers.

via the Daily Camera

Handmade fly fishing goods

Who doesn't need a wire trout sculpture? Or a flask with a handmade fly plaque? The chummists find the best of fly fishing on Etsy.

via Moldy Chum

Never give up; for even rivers someday wash dams away

The Elwha continues to stretch its legs and look for a more natural channel. Enjoy this great video of work on the Glines Canyon Dam.

via Baitchucker on Youtube, quote from Arthur Golden