Rock Creek Clean-Up & One-Fly Competition 2014

Rock Creek cleanup and One-fly fishing contest


A fun day is planned for Rock Creek, Saturday April 26.  The day will kick off with the overnight campers arising for a hardy breakfast in the great outdoors.  At 9 AM we will all gather at the Hemlock Grove picnic pavilion and joined the day arrivals for a trash pickup along Rock Creek.  We will be accompanied by three Troops of Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts from Lexington, Winchester and Corbin along with students from the Job Corps at Pine Knot.  Dividing into teams of two we plan to cover the area in 2 ½ hours.  The trash will be pick up along the road by Forest Service trucks.  At noon the group will gather to recount the adventures in trash collection and partake in the picnic provided by the Job Corps.  The menu will consist of hamburgers and hotdogs, baked beans, potato salad, and a big chocolate chip cookie.


Pickup tool and gloves are necessary.  A change of clothes and boots are suggested.


The chapter will put on the First Cast program for the Scouts.  We need  TU’ers to assist in the casting demonstration.     


After the conclusion of First Cast, the TU’ers will draw lots for the teams in the one fly contest.   The contest will run until 5 o’clock or when all competitors have lost their one fly.   Rusty Hallett released his fly into the wilds in a record 7 minutes, a couple of years ago, who can beat this record?


The evening will consist of trays of hor’derves and a few adult beverages.  After a few more adult beverages, the entrée will be put on the grill and the side dishes prepared.  Some suggested side dishes include, baked beans, fruit salad, pasta salad,  pickled asparagus, squash gruyere with fresh dill seasoning, green salad with Italian dressing, grilled asparagus.  The evening will be capped off with a grand selection of deserts, chocolate brownie, tiramisu, chocolate cake, and fresh fruit.  The Boy Scouts of Troop 89 have promised to prepared two Dutch oven cobblers, one peach, one cherry, for all to enjoy.  


Can’t camp out in the woods?  Head for the Stearns Motor Lodge for a hot shower, but  promise to return in the morning for a day of fishing with no pressure to use one fly.

Fish all morning Sunday and enjoy a leisure trip home in the afternoon.  

Call Sandy Broughman for information (859)271-1778,   or CLICK HERE for directions, maps, and to RSVP