Caddis Larva Imitation

A letter from our friend, Dave Dreves at the Wildlife dept....

You can contact Dave here.


Dear Trout Friends,
As many of you know the official opening of the new section of Hatchery Creek is coming soon (April 29).  As we prepare, I have a simple request that I hope one of you might be able to help us with.  See the attached photo of one of the net-spinning caddisfly larva of the genus Cheumatopsyche.  We would like to use this photo of a real larva side by side with a fly imitation on the educational kiosk that will be erected at Hatchery Creek.  However, we don’t have a photo of a good fly imitation (matching color on curved-shank hook), but I am betting that one of you might have a good looking imitation already in your fly box.
So, anybody have this fly and would be willing to take a print quality photo and let us use for the kiosk?  We would really appreciate it.
Dave Dreves
Assistant Director, Fisheries Division
KY Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources