Henry's Fork of the Snake River - Upper (Above Ashton Reservoir)

Tip of the week: 

Stop by our Ashton Fly Shop to stock up on flies! Fishing is going to pick up this week!! Nymphing. Dry Fly. Swinging streamers

Seven-day forecast: 

WARMER TEMPS! 40'S FOR HIGHS! Chance of rain/snow mid week.

Must Have Flies: 
Griffith's Gnat 14, 16, 18 Buy from Orvis.com
Birchell's Hatching Midge black 8-14 Buy from Orvis.com
Bead Head BrassieĀ™ Black, red, brown 14,16,18, Buy from Orvis.com
Bead Head Rubber-Legged Orvis CJ all colors 4,6,8,10 Buy from Orvis.com
Tungsten Cone Head Woolly Bugger all 4,6,8 Buy from Orvis.com
Hawkins' Hat Trick 4,6,8 Buy from Orvis.com
Three Rivers Ranch