St. Simons Island - St. Simons Island

Tip of the week: 

Sight fishing requires quick, accurate casts. Wait until you see the fish or wake, drop the fly a foot from them, and slowly "fish" it in front of the red. If he sees it, most likely he will eat it.

Seven-day forecast: 

Low tide fishing. If the wind stays down and the temps moderate some, it could be a good week.


Weather is a little better this week. Good reports on reds and trout.

There have been reports of a few cold killed trout.

But when it is good to fish, reds are in big schools and the water is clear.


Must Have Flies: 
Clouser Minnow Rust/Brown 2-6 Buy from
Avalon Keel Crab Purple/Black 6-1/0 Buy from
Clouser Minnow Red Foxtail Clouser 2 Buy from
Borski Bonefish Slider Tan/Natural/Olive 2 Buy from
Clouser Minnow chartreuse/white 2 Buy from
David Edens