Introduce yourself!

Welcome to the Trout Unlimited community. Tell us a bit about yourself. Answer us these three questions so we can get to know you.

  1. What is your favorite fly/lure?
  2. Where did you catch your first trout?
  3. What's your favorite music to listen to on the way to go fishing?


Hi there,

My name is Sinjin Eberle - I live in Denver, Colorado and I am President of Colorado Trout Unlimited.

My favorite fly is a Chartreuse Copper John (works basically everywhere!)

Caught my first trout on the Gunnison River in Almont, Colorado

I listen to many varieties of Rock, from folksy Todd Snider to Rage Against the Machine - all depends on the mood (and the tolerance of my passengers!)

Hey guys, my name is Jason Long. I live in Greenville, SC and a member of the Mountain Bridge TU Chapter in G'ville.

Favorite fly is an Elk Hair Caddis and close second is any big nasty black streamer.

Caught my first trout on the Davidson River in WNC about 14 years ago.

Favorite music for heading up the mountain is Gov't Mule. Got to head your head on straight before trout hunting.

Really looking forward to seeing this new site grow. I think it's a great idea with a ton of potential.

Welcome to the site guys. It was great seeing you both in Asheville!

My name is Damon Hearne - I am TU's Southeast Conservation Coordinator based in Asheville, NC.

My favorite fly is probably a Light Cahill - I like them on our small brookie streams (though they are not picky...)

I caught my first trout (rainbow) on a pond in the highlands of western Tanzania. Found a fly rod, gear and a coffee table book on fly fishing in the tea plantation lodge where we were taking a break from leading a college semester abroad program and figured it was a good way to spend an afternoon. It was ugly, but I caught a fish! My first native trout was a brookie on the Rocky Fork parcel in Unicoi County TN.

Favorite music for heading out of the office and up the mountain is probably something from John Hiatt's Master of Disaster album.

Enjoyed meeting everyone in Asheville at the annual meeting - and if you find yourself in Asheville, look me up!

I'm Brennan Sang — I'm TU's Online Community Manager. I'm from Michigan originally, but live in West Yellowstone Montana these days.

My favorite fly these days is probably a Royal Wulff Cripple. It's quick to tie and floats like a cork.

I caught my first trout on a small stream in Michigan after days of catching trees and making impossibly complex wind knots. The sun was almost down and somehow a rising brown mistook my poorly tied fly for a natural.

It's hard to pick a favorite where pre-fishing music is concerned, but I'd probably go with Son Volt's album Trace.

Kyle Stephens, Im from Santa Cruz, Ca. Member of the San Jose chapter.

Sadly I haven't gotten into fly fishing but it is a plan in the very near future.

My first trout I caught on a small creek in oregon near Eugene. I was maybe 8yrs old. I was using a little plastic grub from one of those ready to fish combo poles. I ended up catching and releasing about 9 fish within the hour. they were only about 5-8 inch fish but got me hooked on small stream trout fishing.

I would be listening to country music.

Max Guggenheimer: 5 Rivers Program Coordinator for the Virginia Council; Immediate-Past-President of the Skyline Chapter. I live in Sedalia, VA.

I like wooly buggers and Chernobyl ants.

I caught my first trout on the South Fork of the Piney River.

What's your favorite music to listen to on the way to go fishing? live Panic.

Welcome to the site Max! How's the Fiver Rivers work going in VA? I think that's a great project.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Mark Hartmann. I don't have a favorite fly. I caught my first trout, a rare native-brookie, in an old CCC-built rearing pond in Hillsdale, MI on a #14 Sand Flea Nymph about 33 years ago. I'm a news and NPR junkie who rarely listens to much else, except when there's a Detroit Tiger's game; but I'd be so happy just going out fishing for a change I'd pro'lly even tolerate rap.

Semper Fi, Mark.

Welcome to the site, Mark. Where in MI are you? I'm originally from Kalamazoo, but live in Montana these days. I still have a lot of family back in MI though.

My name is Randy Babas and I live in Fountain, CO. I currently serve as the Director of Communications for the Cheyenne Mountain Chapter of TU in Colorado Springs.

My favorite fly is the flash back pheasant tail followed closely by the trico spinner.

My first fish on the fly came maybe five or six years ago on a #16 Adams on the South Platte in 11 Mile Canyon.

Favorite fishing tunes are pretty much whatever, but fine myself liking the folksy bluegrass stuff more and more!

Hello All.

I am Scott Pickett. I am the Utah TU Council secretary / tech guru. I fished my whole life but I taught myself to fly-fish when I was 15 and haven't looked back. Now I'm teaching my kids.

My favorite fly is a little secret we call the "dirty worm". It has caught fish all over the Western US and also on a trip to Argentina.

First fish I really remember catching were Bonneville cutthroats from the tributaries that run into Bear Lake in Utah. My grandpa teaching me to bounce a worm through deep holes.

Music tastes are all over the map.

Hello my name is Jack Rudez and I live in East Tennessee near Chattanooga. I recently retired and started back fly fishing after a 25 year absence.

My favorite place to fish is the Hiwassee River near Reliance, TN. My favorite fly is a BH Hares Ear nymph and for dries I like a Blue Wing Olive. Since returning to fly fishing I caught my first fish on the Hiwassee River.

I enjoy listening to satelite radio, anything from Jazz to older country music stations.

Living in East Tennessee I also hve the opportunity to fish the Toccoa River in North Georgia and Fires Creek and the Nanthhala in Western North Carolina. 

Hello my name is Mike Brown and I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I am originally from Long Island, New York and grew up fishing salt water witrh convnetional tackle. I just got my first fly rod for father's day last year and I am really enjoying it. I am hoping to get better at some of the basics this year as well as to begin tying my own flies.


Currently, I am fishing the Connestoga river and connecting creeks quite a bunch. Not too many trout nearby, but I do find quite a lot of smallmouths. Hoping to find some of the better trout steams this year now that I have a little practice casting.


  1. What is your favorite fly/lure?

My favorite right now is an olive wooly bugger, becuase I don't have the best skills yet, but that one catches the fish despite my poor casting.

  1. Where did you catch your first trout?

The Nissequogue River on Long Island. It was an 8 inch rainbow and I fell in love instantly.

  1. What's your favorite music to listen to on the way to go fishing?

Bluegrass and country, always

My name is Michael Ballou. I live in Amherst, New Hampshire and work at Logan Airport in Boston.

To date I have lived in 11 states, but only fished in 5: Nebraska, Colorado, Georgia, Vermont and New Hampshire. So far, fishing in New Hampshire has been pretty disappointing, but I plan to put forth a strong effort again this spring. The best fishing has been in Colorado and north Georgia, and I prefer the Colorado views. 
1.  What is your favorite fly/lure?
I can't say I have a favorite, as I like to buy local flies when I go out. But a black gnat always did well on the Gunnison River, the Yampa River and Big Union Creek in Colorado. A Gnat or mosquito did well on the Chestatee River, Toccoa River and the upper Chattahoochee River in Georgia.
2.  Where did you catch your first trout?
The first I remember was a Cutthroat at Trappers Lake in the Flat Tops Wilderness Area of Colorado, spring of 1959.
3.  What's your favorite music to listen to on the way to go fishing?
I usually listen to audiobooks. I am currently listening to one by Clive Cussler.