Clear Creek

Tip of the week: 

two fly set-ups with indicator, dry / emerger

The great thing about Clear Creek is if you hit your target you will be rewarded,,, high stick,,, there are larger pools, but the majority is pocket water,,, classic pocket water

Seven-day forecast: 

Run off has begun,,, Stick to larger flies, especially the San Juan worm,,, with all the recent rains fish are seeing them in numbers

Must Have Flies: 
Elk Wing Caddis Blonde 14 16 Buy from
I Can See It Midge Fly Black 22 Buy from
Stimulator Dark 19 Buy from
Griffith's Gnat dark 18 , 20 Buy from
Sparkle Dun dark brown 18 Buy from
Prince Nymph Slim 18 Buy from
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